about airbubble aerial advertising & banner towing new zealand

based in auckland and servicing the whole of new zealand, we assist in the production and placement of aerial advertising and message displays.

just think of the exposure you can get not only in a main centre but also in strong seasonal regions, by goading, cajouling, captivating your audience of 100,000+ on the beaches, at the malls, on the sports fields, and of course those stuck in traffic craving for something to look which isn't illegal all in the space of an hour for the low cost, has got to be an effective form of delivering your message!

why advertise with airbubble air banners?

airplane banner advertising works!

it has impact.

up to hundreds of thousands of people may simultaneously see the ad message. flying banners grab peoples attention and make them take notice.

it's customised.

banner advertising has a special advantage with regard to the variety of places where messages can be seen. flight routes are designed to achieve maximum impact at target locations – flying over busy beach areas in the summer and stadium events throughout the year.

it's affordable.

flying banner production is a one-time expenditure. with proper maintenance your air banner will last for hundreds of hours of flight time. there's no production cost whatsoever with flying letter banners.

it’s flexible.

aerial letter banners are assembled and ready for flight within one week of the order and, if needed, can often be assembled and ready sooner. they can also be quickly altered to meet current needs. billboard production takes a little longer, but it is a one-time process. aerial advertising definitely scored competitively with other types of more costly media. viewer retention data are impressive.

  • 88% remembered the flying
  • 79% remembered what was advertised
  • 67% remembered at least one half of the message

how the airbubble banners work - it’s easy as 1-2-3

1. taking the rope

2. rope from behind

3. string banner liftoff